Healing Body,

Mind and Spirit

80% of the time, with the right tools and knowledge, you can take care of yourself.

The rest of the 20% you need professional care.


Hello! I am Virginia.

In my own health journey over the years, I've come to appreciate the value of natural solutions. The more we can do that is both good for the earth and good for our bodies, the better!

I love to learn and pass that knowledge to you. I have many certifications including the AromaTouch Technique, Reflexology, the Science of Essential Oils, and DoTERRA Business Building.

I would love to teach you more about how to use one of my favorite natural solutions, essential oils, to feel better and live well. To find a health freedom that creates energy for you and your family.

I invite you to visit my pages, to get to know me and how I love to serve people.

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A few of my favorite things...

Email: virginia.l.hume@gmail.com